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Anna R. Rapa            Anna

Anna is an author, attorney, and professor.  She's written one book, Second Story, and has written most of our resources to date.  She also maintains a blog at www.annarapa.blogspot.com.

Anna's expertise comes from her diverse life experiences.  She grew up as a pastor's kid, and then moved overseas as a missionary kid when she was 13.  What she learned there about cross-cultural communication and relationships she brought home with her.  She first applied them within the context of her work for several years with at-risk youth.  She later became an attorney and has a passion to help the church learn to relate to those from a different culture--those who work and live and exist primarily outside of the church.

She's been working in the secular world for many years, living her life as a minister and evangelist within her marketplace.  Many of the resources she's written for us have been produced to meet a specific need within her own ministry or have been developed from what she's learned there on the ground.  Her resources are both practical and tested. 






Anna is also available to do speaking and retreats for churches or individuals on the following topics:
  • 4-hour personal evangelism workshop
  • becoming storytellers
  • identifying and responding to emotional barriers to faith
  • learning to communicate about Christ across cultures