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Second Story

Alex Cunningham’s recent motorcycle accident changed his life – now he sees every day as a mission to share the Good News of the Gospel.  But his long-time girlfriend, Annie Russo, just doesn’t understand.  And if that isn’t enough, every time Alex opens his mouth to say something about God at work, everything backfires: his co-manager Drew rarely even looks at him now.

But help comes in the form of Sara Locke, an ex-missionary widow with wisdom to spare.  Together, Alex, Annie, and Sara discover how to see peoples’ unspoken emotional barriers to faith in God.  Along the way, Alex and Annie explore how to engage those barriers in natural and nonjudgmental ways as they begin to talk about their Christian faith with their friends.  But one of them has more success than the other, and the stress on their relationship might just be too much.

Through the book, Sara walks with Alex and Annie through 11 important principles of evangelism with post-modern people. Alex and Annie will test and experience these principles in their own lives, with differing results and responses.

A new blend of fiction and evangelism training, author Anna Rapa uses narrative storytelling to communicate key truths about evangelism in today’s postmodern world.  Dive in to the story of Alex and Annie, and let this story show you how to reach people in today’s culture with God’s transforming story of rescue.


Alex - his life changed forever when he survived a terrible motorcycle accident

Annie - she wonders why Alex cares so much about spiritual things and is frustrated that the way he talks about God is all judgment and wrath

Sara - a wise and soft spoken woman who sees more than what you tell her

Patti - Annie's painfully quiet neighbor

Josie - Patti's angry teenage daughter

Oliver - Annie's competitive but social co-worker

Drew - Alex's very ill and deeply hurting co-worker

Omar - Alex's co-worker who is a semi-religious international student from Qatar